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Heritage building in baroque style

Heritage building in baroque style

160 000,00 EUR
132,56 EUR/m2

Kategória: Historický objekt - Predaj

Lokalita: Banská Štiavnica - Kozelník
(Historický objekt - Kozelník)

Zastavaná plocha: 650 m2

Úžitková plocha: 1 207 m2

Rozloha pozemku: 2 106 m2

Dátum aktualizácie: 18.11.2019

Identifikačné číslo: 94040

Prefinancovanie: Dobrá Hypoté

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We are offering a heritage building in baroque style from the end of 18th century for sale in a little village -Kozelnik. It consists of 4 large properties, which are classified as cultural monuments, namely: the Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station, Southern Stables, Eastern Stables and a Rock Cellar. This unique building is located in the valley Štiavnica hills, 12 km from the UNESCO listed city of Banská Štiavnica. It is very favourably positioned on the main tourist road. The unique Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station is a double story building and comprises of 4 independent baroque style apartments. It is well suited for projects that are financially supported by EU and Norwegian funds. The building is a unique architectonic monument, the only of its type to have survived in Slovakia and according to a historical evaluation it is also the only one of its type to have survived from the second half of 18th century in Central Europe. The surface of the property: The build surface of the main building is 250m2 and the build surface of both stables is 400m2. The garden and surrounding forest consist of more than 2000m2. The property has neighbours from one site only. Another advantage is that the buildings stand on their own, near the road and separated from the village by the creek Jasenica. Condition of the building: The building is partially renovated, has new pipes for water, heated plumbing pipes, dual central heating (wood and wooden pellets) with new radiators in each room, 3 period ceramic stoves and a new electricity connection has been prepared for business purposes. Cable internet and Wi-Fi are available as is hot water from electric boilers and a new 3-chamber Swedish septic. The Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station and adjoining properties have undergone maintenance of moisture and underground water. The right wing of the ground floor is fully reconstructed. The roofs of the Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station and the North stable are new and have been installed with high quality ceramic tiles. All 3 buildings have a new lightning protection system. The town water in the house comes from a high quality spring - Harmanec. There is also an old water well in the courtyard, prepared for connection to the Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station. The Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station and both stables need new rendering and the second stable needs a new roof. One apartment on the ground is fully renovated; the second ground floor apartment is ready to be fit out as a coffee shop or other business project. 2 spacious apartments on the 1st floor need finalisation. Description of the building: Entering the Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station from the main road you walk into the spacious and fully reconstructed hall, which separates the left and right ground floor apartments. They are identical and comprise of one extra-large room, one room suitable as a kitchen and dining area and a large bathroom with WC. At the end of the large entrance hall is the exit to the courtyard. The wide oak staircase leads to the 1st floor and further to a very specious attic, which may be utilised for artistic or other purposes (e.g. studio, exhibition area). The large courtyard is surrounded by a steep forest, rocks and a manmade stone wall. A deep water well is built from river stones and has an ample supply of good quality water throughout the whole year. From the wide balcony of the house we can see the opening to the cellar. In olden times the unknown stonemason hand carved the cellar into the rock underneath the steep forest – it is quite large (20 x 8 m), with a constant temperature of 8C. Another advantage is that there are no stairs leading into the cellar. Doors and some windows are authentic, in the baroque style. There are 3 beautiful ceramic baroque stoves in the Coach Inn and Horse Changing Station, 2 of them are fully functional. It is possible to create parking spaces around the stables.

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